Learn The Rock Piano Songs That Turn Heads,
All While Learning How To Improvise, Play Fatter Chords and Create Your Own Performance!

We have created killer lessons for some of the best rock songs to play on the piano. Impress your friends while playing tunes such as Billy Joel's "Just The Way You Are", Eric Clapton's "Layla" and many, many more. Keep reading...

Why Rock Piano Lessons?

Fellow Rock Enthusiast,

Years ago, well before Berklee College of Music, touring and recording, I was in high school jazz band. There was a fellow keyboard player in the band who was a few years older than me named Damien. 

Damien knew how to play...well. Very well in fact. He knew how to groove, how to solo and how to play those cool-sounding rock songs, all while improvising.

I was jealous. I admit it.

After all, who wouldn't be, right?

I used to watch him and try to steal his licks as best I could. I even asked him to show me a few things, but he never really showed me much of anything.

That's OK though. He motivated me to learn and get better.

In fact, you might find that other pianists and keyboardists DON'T want to share their techniques with you. Some hold what they've learned as a carefully guarded secret.

Not me.

I think knowledge is POWER. The more you know at your instrument, the more you can play, the more gigs you'll get and the more you'll make those around you happy with your skills.

This is why I created Rock Piano Lessons. I want you to be able to learn rock songs, rock piano licks, rock chord techniques, rock rhythms, rock grooves and improvisation...all in one easy to use website.

Keep reading to see all that you get as a full member of Rock Piano Lessons...


So...What's On The Inside?


Learn fundamental rhythm, technique and reading skills necessary for beginners or pros.


Show off your new keyboard skills by performing songs for friends, solo or in a band.

Sheet Music

Detailed sheet music can be downloaded for each lesson. Don't read music? No problem!

Backing Tracks

Metronomes are great tools, but awesome backing tracks are way more fun to practice with.

Personalized Help

Need help? We are just a chat away. Ask your music-related questions and get support.

Track Progress

Every lesson can be marked and tracked so you can make the most out of your practice time.

Unified Learning Process

Learning an instrument can be challenging, especially if you are doing it on your own. With Jazzedge® sites, you are never left "out in the cold." If you have a question, we are here for you!

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Chat With Us!

Need help? We are just a chat away. Ask your music-related questions and get support.

High-Definition Video

Our high-definition videos feature a virtual, light-up keyboard with an easy-to-see color palette making it easier to see every note. Our player also features speed controls so you can slow down, or speed up the lesson...you can loop sections too!

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track rock keyboard progress

Track Your Progress

All lessons in the course are organized and ordered to make it easier to learn. Once you're done with a lesson, mark it as complete and track your progress.

Learn The Hits...

As a member of RockPianoLessons, you get to enjoy popular rock songs like: Adele "Make You Feel My Love", Toto "Africa", Van Morrison "Caravan", Journey "Don't Stop Believing", The Beatles "Hey Jude", Michael Jackson "Human Nature", John Lennon "Imagine", Billy Joel "Just The Way You Are", Eric Clapton "Layla", Allman Brothers "Jessica", Madonna "Like a Prayer", Chicago "Saturday In The Park", The Temptations "My Girl", Paul McCartney "Maybe I'm Amazed", James Taylor "Your Smiling Face", Elton John "Tiny Dancer", Billy Joel "New York State Of Mind".

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Who is Willie Myette?

Willie has written over a dozen books on music, recorded 500+ lessons, toured and recorded with his group Katahdin's Edge and is a father of three.

Willie has been featured on NBC, ABC, CBS and FOX television stations and has performed at the famed South By Southwest music festival.

After graduating from Berklee College of Music with a degree in film music composition, Willie created his Jazzkids and Jazzedge programs to teach both children and adults how to play the piano.

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